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Minimal disruption office removal services 

In business, we know that time is money. If any changes need to be made, planning needs to be done well in advance to result in a minimal impact on both budget and convenience.

Moving your business location, whether it be to the next floor in the same building or halfway across Australia, is one such change, and one that we are sure you have not undertaken lightly. Whether it be for more space or for any other reason, you can rely on Keys to provide seamless business relocation services.

As a business with a reputation for excellence, we don’t believe in compromising on quality, especially when it affects your bottom line. This is why we go the extra mile to ensure minimum disruption to your daily operations, employees, and clients.

Get in touch with us today to experience this service for yourself or carry on reading to find out more about our office removal services.

Getting You Where You Need to Be

Moving premises can be a taxing experience. You have to ensure that you correctly and safely transport items such as furniture, equipment, artworks, archives, and display materials. We will take away the stress of misplacing or accidentally damaging your company’s valuable assets.

However, depending on the new location, you may not have the space required to house all of these possessions. Our helpful team will advise you on the best and most cost-effective storage and asset management options for your business. In the case of the latter, seasonal or changing requirements may call for off-site storage or routine delivery of excess goods and equipment.

Our team of professionals has years of collective experience in helping businesses relocate. Over time, we have developed a unique set of skills to ensure superior service delivery with each project. We’ll get the job done efficiently and with no hassles.

In addition to a high level of efficiency, we pride ourselves on being affordable to our clients. While budget friendly, these rates are in no way a reflection of the service that you will receive, which will always be of the highest level.

Like you, we are business owners and know that our success is dependent on the service that we offer and the satisfaction of our clients that receive it. Because of this, we place reliability high on our list of positive attributes and are happy to say that we deliver on it every time.

To showcase this, we have a proven record of satisfied customers. We have provided our refurbishment services to schools, hospitals, hotels, tertiary institutions, and numerous corporate offices.

Our commercial removalist services

When using our commercial removalist services, you can expect the following:

  • Pre-removal walk-through.
  • Capture information critical to business relocation planning and program development.
  • Produce cost estimate or quote for commercial removalists services.
  • Present Keys business relocation proposal.
  • Upon acceptance of removalist services, begin business relocation planning.
  • Set up an office relocations task group.
  • Confirm movement dates.
  • Develop a relocation plan.
  • Liaise with other trades.
  • Prepare floor plan layout.
  • Brief staff on business relocation procedure.
  • Arrange parking, lifts and building access.
  • Business relocation preparation such as pre-packing and dismantling.
  • Implement move.
  • Placement per floor plan layout.
  • Unpack and set up workstations.
  • Walkthrough final check.
  • Remove packing debris.
  • Debrief and quality check.

Removalist’s are Just a Call Away

As you can see, our furniture removalist process is quite comprehensive and makes sure that every last detail is taken care of. By combining this efficiency with our affordability, you can rest assured that we have everything handled.

If you require office relocation services in Perth, then look no further than Keys. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote. We’re looking forward to being a positive part of your business’s relocation experience.